The beginnings

On October 16th 1982, Veronica Singh did not cry, she sang her first aria! Her vocal cords don’t know it yet, but they’re not going to be unemployed. The fact is that “Ronnie”, as her English friends like to call her, loves to vibrate and make vibrate everyone with her strong and sensitive voice. In August 1992, the young Swiss-Italian born in Sri Lanka performed for the first on stage. Veronica immediately got hooked and her audience too! « It was like a revelation, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. » The lucky ones at the time still didn’t understand how such a powerful voice could emanate from a 9 year-old girl. And right after that, she set a goal: « spend my life singing, to live with and from my voice. »

All the great artists will tell you: « It does not fall from the sky »! Luckily, Veronica is a hard-worker. After studying the piano, she spent 12 years in classical vocal trainings. « In my opinion, classical techniques are the basis of a controlled and healthy voice. If you can master them, you can try all kinds of music. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will suit you. But you have at least the ability to try. »

After High School, where she has been soloist in the choir for 3 years in a row, she tackled two years of professional studies at the renowned Montreux Jazz School Montreux Jazz School (2002-2003).

During this same period, she decided to develop a solid stage experience, and she made numerous appearances at various events, notably with the American gospel choir « The Philadelphia Singers » with whom she was also a soloist. « Performing with 300 singers and 17 musicians in front of 2000 people is one of the most emotional moments that I lived on a stage through today »

First albums and a bilingual career

In 2001 Veronica won the television contest « Superstar d’un soir » on the national tv channel RTS 1 (TSR1 at the time). This immense success led her to release her first French album in, « Une belle raison de vivre » / « A good reason to live » ), under the alias of Sara Vey. « I could not believe it , one of my dreams finally came true ».

But from 2003 to 2009, a sudden kidney disease forced her to put her career in parentheses. « I never stopped singing though, even during my hospital stays. I take this opportunity to apologize to my former roommates! ».

2009 began tremendously well since she received a transplant in January. She resumed her career with, of course, the necessary logistical arrangements and committed henceforth to informing and promoting organ donation to the public.
In March of the same year, was released « Beer Bread & Blues », album recorded in 2008 with the group Ashton A. Blues Band. Their sound soul and blues-rock allows Veronica to use her powerful voice in both covers and original songs. The BB&B Swiss Tour started in March 2009. « Singing with the Ashton guys is so much fun, we’re good friends, we laugh a lot together and you can feel it in our performances. Trust, complicity and the love of music unites us when we play »

In October 2010, after an already busy career, the young woman decided she needed to live new human and musical experiences. With her backpack on her shoulder, she left for London in the United Kingdom to follow a one-year intensive course in vocal performance. She received a complete education that made her want to try her hand at composing and writing her own songs. After graduating with a distinction from the Jury, she was elected “Student of the Year 2011” and decided to extend her stay by 6 months to record her first original songs. « The experience in London was very intense. I learnt a lot on myself and met very talented musicians. All that was missing to be perfect was Gruyere cheese… ».

In January 2013, her remarkable performance on « The Voice of Switzerland » got her the jury’s praise for her rendition of Jacques Brel’s « Ne me quitte pas ». « A wonderful adventure! I have Many great memories and learnt a lot surrounded by these great professionals »

Hairspray the Musical

Right after “The Voice of Swtzerland”, Veronica embarked on another adventure within the Evaprod Company in a resumption of the Broadway success « Hairspray ».

She was cast in the role of Maybelle Shakespeare and her performance was unanimously acclaimed. She thus proved that she is a complete artist: able not only to sing but also act and dance.

« The musical art demands great focus and a self-investment. I really admire the musical performers as they are the most complete and disciplined among us. As a solo artist, I was very intimidated when I met the company, but when I could overcome the fear , I got caught up in the game and I would start again with pleasure! ».


In early 2014, Veronica started the production of her new album, « Ten Sparks » which is her most personal project. 
Released on December 16, 2016, it marks a turning point in her career since the artist who has mainly interpreted the soul and blues repertoires in the recent years, returns to pop music.
Mainly created with the composer Nathalie Komagata, Ten Sparks was handed to well-known parisian artist Marc Demais for the arrangements. The also multi-instrumentalist and director, known for having collaborated with famous French singers such as Chimène Badi or Julie Zenatti, was able to give the pop vibe that Veronica wished for this new project.
The result is an unprecedented musical universe: a mix of a melodic pop-soul music tinted by gospel influences and various Indian instruments that gave birth to a truly modern and yet universal sounds. This chiselled musical ground, allows Veronica to explore more tender and fragile registers of her voice without losing the warm harmonics and power that are her trademark. The lyrics can then fully rise and take the listener in an exploration of the different life facets. Ten themes that invite everyone to appreciate the spark of hope in every situation, even the darkest. Ten songs, ten lights: Ten Sparks was born.

In 2017, she will bring her new baby on stage where she shows a true charisma and a contagious energy. Accompanied by some evergreen covers, the set-list is a reflection of the artist’s personality and eclectic tastes:  » The scene has this unique aspect that it allows you to express everything without limits. Passion, joy, despair and even naivete; you can feel all that when you listen to music, and all that is a part of me, so my greatest honour is to invite the public to discover my contrasted world.  »

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